DACC DAO is an upgrade of DACC1.0, and DACC – which stands for Decentralized Accessible Content Chain – which was founded in 2017 and investment was led by more than 100 global names, including Justin Sun. It received the support of more than 100 global investment institutions and has a highly active community around the world, with DAO as the core. It is integrating cross-chain atomic trading, KYC, prophets etc. There are plans for DACC DAO to also implement token lending, derivatives issuance and a liquidity mining token model in the future, which will effectively become the DAO+KNC+SNX on the TRON ecosystem
  • Endorsed by top investment institutions

    Investment led by more than 100 global investment institutions including Sky, Justin Sun, BlockVC, FBG, etc.

  • Supported by global communities

    Recognized and supported by communities worldwide, covering Europe, America, Middle East, East and South East Asia.

  • DAO+KNC+SNX on the TRON ecosystem

    Product V1 has been developed, with the on-chain DAO as the core, integrated cross-chain atomic transactions, KNC, oracles, etc., similar to Kyber Network 2.0

  • Reinventing the next generation of Dex protocol

    Based on depositing, token issuing, derivatives issuing, and liquidly mining token models

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